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HB21   2 Tone Tote
HB18   2 Tone with Front Zipper
8050   2-Tone Tote
HB14   3 Tone Crossbody
shoe2   All Over Glitter Sledge
7005   Ankle Buckle Peep Heel
shoe19   Ankle Strap Wedge-Leopard
top4   Ask Yo Mama TShirt-Coral
6927   Babe
backporch4   Back Porch- 13 oz Round
backporch3   Back Porch- 20 oz Oval
backporch1   Back Porch- Spray
backporch2   Back Porch- Wax Melt
20   Belted Cocktail Dress-Leopard
9010   Braided Double Strap Sandal-Gold
6870   Bring Me Coffee
8017   Button Up Thermal-Oatmeal
6732   Calypso
8045   Cape Style Romper-Mauve
10   Clear Bag with Chain
9000   Clear Bags
8030   Cold Shoulder with Bell Sleeve-Tan
8051   Colorblock Tote with Tassell
6894   Comet
shoe24   Criss Cross Platform-Rose Gold
shoe25   Criss Cross Platform-Tan
6731   Cristo
8032   Curdory Short-Light Tan
8028   Cut Out Lace Romper-Pink
01   Cut out Sweater-Mauve
6717   Deep Sea
8010   Denim Button Down with Stripe Back
9003   Distressed Sweatshirt with Open Back-Oatmeal
9011   Double Buckle Bling Sandal-Silver
8037   Double Buckle Sandal-Leopard
8042   Double Ruffle OTS Dress-Black
HB13   Double Side Pocket
8036   Double Strap Flat Sandal-B/W
shoe21   Double Strap Flat Sandal-Natura;
8035   Double Strap Flat Sandal-Purple
shoe20   Double Strap Flat Sandal-Tan
6726   Downy
6725   Dragon Fruit
evangeline3   Evangeline- 12 oz
evangeline2   Evangeline- Spray
evangeline1   Evangeline- Wax Melt
6730   Fairytale
15   Floral Cold Shoulder
8044   Flounce Romper-Blush
HB3   Fringe Crossbody
21   Front Knot Solid Dress-Black
6895   Fruitcake
6728   Gala
gift1   Gift Certificate
gift2   Gift Certificate
gift3   Gift Certificate
gift4   Gift Certificate
6915   Gingerbread Man
6871   Go Ask Your Dad
06   Grey/ White Stripe Cardigan
6917   Halter Knot Dress-Black
9017   Happy Hour Tank-Grey
6920   High Neck Full Sequin-Black
6922   High Neck with Cold Shoulder Romper-Black
8052   Hobo Style Handbag
6896   Hologram
6694   Hoop with Tassels
6900   Icicle
jacksonspray1   Jackson Square- Spray
jacksonspray2   Jackson Square- Wax Melt
erimish1   Kiki
shoe1   Knot Front Wedge-Taupe
8024   L/S Duster-Taupe
shoe14   Lace Up Sledge-Light Taupe
6782   Laser Cut Booties
8034   Laser Cut Slip Ons-Grey
8033   Laser Cut Slip Ons-Natural
9013   Laser Cut Solid Wedge-Black
8043   Leaf Cold Shoulder Romper-Coral/Pink
6724   Leather
Ear2   Leather Bar-Leopard
Ear1   Leather Bar-Unicorn
Ear7   Leather Teardrop-Gold Swirl
Ear6   Leather Teardrop-Leopard
shoe3   Leopard Bottom Kicks
db1   Leoprd Duck Boot
8016   Long Cardi-White
9016   Margarita Sippin Tank-Mint
erimish   Marie
8038   Metallic Sledge-Gold
8040   Metallic Sledge-Natural
8039   Metallic Sledge-Rose Gold
shoe8   Metallic Slide
HB10   Metallic Tote
shoe4   Multi Strap Sandal
shoe6   Multi Stripe Kicks
8049   Olympia Tortise
6805   Ombre Plaid
shoe11   Open Front with Back Zipper Shootie-Nutmeg
6758   Open Side Peep Toe-Black
6887   Open Toe with Lace Up-Dk Taupe
opulence1   Opulence- 13 oz Round
opulence2   Opulence- 20 oz Oval
opulence4   Opulence- Spray
opulence3   Opulence- Wax Melt
orleanstea3   Orleans Tea- 20 oz Round
orleanstea1   Orleans Tea- Spray
orleanstea2   Orleans Tea- Wax Melt
8019   OTS Dress-Denim
11   OTS Floral Top
9001   OTS Sweatshirt with Front Tie-Grey
9002   OTS Sweatshirt with Tie Sleeves-Grey
8006   OTS with Embroidery-Blusj
6928   Overboard
BB1   Pattern Bath Bomb-Blackberry Parfait
BB3   Pattern Bath Bomb-Dreamcatcher
BB2   Pattern Bath Bomb-Leopard
8011   Pattern Poncho-Navy
03   Pattern Tunic with Criss Cross Top-Leopard
8018   Peek A Boo Lace Dress-Taupe
7000   Peep Toe Open Heel Shootie
6721   Pepe
8013   Print Sleeve Sweatshirt
queenofbourbon2   Queen of Bourbon- Spray
queenofbourbon1   Queen of Bourbon- Wax Melt
8047   Reese Crossbody
8046   Reese Satchel
HB2   Reversible Aztec
erimish2   Sandbar
6751   Satin Slip Ons-Lilac
leggings   Seamless Leggings
cami   Seamless Long Cami
bandeau   Seamless Tube Bra
widestrap   Seamless Wide Strap
6889   Sequin Slip On-Silver
Car1   Set of Car Coasters
8009   Sheer XX Top-Beige
7001   Side Buckle Bootie
7006   Side Buckle Bootie
shoe5   Side Knots Wedge
6781   Side Lace-up Booties
shoe26   Slip On Kicks-Black
6919   Solid Bell Sleeve Romper-Black
12   Solid Cold Shoulder with Tie
HB19   Solid Crossbody with Double Zipper
top3   Solid Dress with Belle Sleeve-Black
6656   Solid Heel-Black
6658   Solid Heel-Mauve
6657   Solid Heel-Taupe
8041   Solid Jumpsuit-Black
8021   Solid OTS-Cream
8026   Solid Romper with Shoulder Ties-Black
8014   Solid Shirt with Double Bell Sleeve
8015   Solid Shirt with Lantern Sleeve-Lilac
9012   Solid Wedge-Black
HB5   Solid with Tassel
8048   Sondra Frame Satchel
08   Spanishtown
6733   Spring
6897   Stargazer
6729   Static
6404   Sticky Bra
shoe10   Strappy Shootie with Chunky Heel-Taupe
shoe13   Strappy Shootie with Side Buckle-Blush
8012   Stripe Tunic with Side Slits
HB1   Studded Crossbody
shoe16   Tailgate Shoe-Black
shoe17   Tailgate Shoe-Olive
shoe15   Tailgate Shoe-Tan
6727   Teaberry
9004   Tie Front Sweatshirt with Bell Sleeve-Eggshell
6249   Unicorn
18   Valentine? Wine!
8020   Vintage Floral-Dress
9015   Volatile-Mini Croco-Chocolate
shoe23   Volatile-Reece-Pewter
7002   Wide Strap Buckle Heel
9014   Wide Strap Wedge-Gold
16   Wine is all you NEED
shoe18   Woven Double Strap Sledge-Natural
Zydecoamber3   Zydeco Amber- 13 oz Round
Zydecoamber4   Zydeco Amber- 20 oz Oval
Zydecoamber2   Zydeco Amber- Spray
Zydecoamber1   Zydeco Amber- Wax Melt

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